For individuals who want and need to get better, NESTRE provides accessible solutions based on proven science and results. For teams and organizations experiencing high stress, performance-demanding environments, NESTRE provides a scalable, accessible model that can address brain-based health, performance and productivity challenges, as well as other organizational initiatives including talent acquisition, retention, employee engagement, and well-being.


NESTRE Clients Reported The following improvements


Renewed Sense of Drive and Purpose


Increased Clarity of Thinking


Increased Empathy Towards Others


Increase Positive Emotional Stability

Improved Sleep

Improved Quality of Sleep


NESTRE’s groundbreaking app in development provides a premium digital environment to better both the mind and the brain. It uses algorithms and technology for training modalities, and delivers personalized training based on an individual’s mindset profile to achieve betterment in health, wellness and performance.

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DISCLAIMER: NESTRE does not offer medical diagnosis or treatment advice to any person or organization. NESTRE makes no claims that it can cure any conditions. If you take prescription medications for any condition, you should consult with your physician before discontinuing use of such medications. NESTRE services are not intended to treat any medical conditions and are only marketed as enhancing general wellness.