Over 2 billion people worldwide face brain-based health and productivity challenges, over 70% of people have stress that impacts their mental or physical health, and 4 trillion in global wellness spending says people want solutions to help them get better.

NESTRE is the first NEuro-STREngth company to leverage the science of neuroplasticity to successfully apply a proprietary and pioneering training method in the areas of brain health, mental wellness and cognitive performance. NESTRE’s first digital solution is a neuro-strength training platform which provides cognitive assessments and training to users. NESTRE’s mission is to help people get better by providing access to affordable solutions and instilling hope for betterment through proven science.

NESTRE’s solutions are results-driven and successfully utilized by elite performers including NFL athletes and coaches, Olympians, and executives.



NESTRE’s founder Dr. Tommy Shavers created a model of self-recovery and successfully healed himself from decade long mental and cognitive impairment and decline after suffering career ending concussions as a Division I collegiate football player. Once he achieved what was deemed impossible, he aimed to create an efficient and scalable model to help others get better in the areas of brain health, mental wellness, and cognitive performance. This breakthrough led to his discovery of the established science of neuroplasticity. Dr. Shavers and the team at NESTRE are on a mission to change the narrative around brain health and mental wellness, and build a better world with accessible solutions.

Shavers Out
Josh McCown
17 Year NFL Player & NFL Player Coalition Representative

“At 38, he felt better than ever, and his performance on the field provided the evidence. He set career highs in touchdown passes, yards, and completions, as he became a galvanizing force in his first season with the New York Jets. After 14 years of conventional training, [Josh] McCown decided to get into his mind — and he played out of it. “When Tommy and I first sat down, the idea was, ‘Let’s go play better than before.’ I believe it was a big reason why I played at the level I played at.” said McCown…” – ESPN.COM

Rob Simms
Former NFL Player

“As a retired NFL player who made the transition to start-up Co-Founder and company executive, the numerous stressors were placing a load on me that were impacting my health, wellness, and my ability to perform at a high level. Before NESTRE, I had high anxiety regularly and thoughts constantly racing in my head about the next big decision. I couldn’t sleep, had no appetite, and could recognize that my clarity was decreasing. Working with NESTRE has been a game changer for me. Training with NESTRE helped eliminate my anxiety, allowed me to actually be able to sleep at night, and gave me the clarity and sharpness I need to perform at a high level. Their insights have also helped me see performance differently. I now have the capacity and the knowledge to perform and stack wins in whatever situation I’m in. I wished NESTRE was around during my playing days because I know it would have been a difference maker for me. It’s [NESTRE] is the next evolution of human performance and I’m excited to be a part of it.” – Rob Simms

Tia McNeill
CTE & Caregiver Advocate, Wife of the Late Fred McNeill of the Minnesota Vikings who was confirmed to have CTE

“NESTRE can help change the narrative in such a powerful way by letting people know that it is possible to improve their quality of life when it’s been said that it cannot be done. Knowing what Fred [McNeill] went through during the latter part of his life has made me more aware of the need for solutions. Players and their loved ones need to know that there is something they can do to get better. NESTRE has helped me personally get better, and I now look forward to helping NESTRE help as many people as possible get better as well.” – Tia McNeill

Bennie Fowler III
NFL Player & Keynote Speaker; Author of Silver Spoon: The Imperfect Guide to Success

“I cannot thank NESTRE enough for everything they’ve done for me as a person and a player.  It’s helped me put things into perspective, understand the importance of the brain, and also get control of my life. Going through this program is one of the best things I’ve ever done in my life.” – Bennie Fowler

Steven Moss MD
Retired Orthopedic/Hand Surgeon

“The brain training essentially reversed my depressive and anxious symptoms, and restored an enjoyable lifestyle. NESTRE helped me develop my neurocognitive artistic skills at an even higher level.” – Steven Moss MD


NESTRE’s groundbreaking app in development provides a premium digital environment to better both the mind and the brain. It uses algorithms and technology for training modalities, and delivers personalized training based on an individual’s mindset profile to achieve betterment in health, wellness and performance.

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Dr. Tommy Shavers


Founder & CEO

Kyle Israel


Co-Founder & President

Dr. Elkhonon Goldberg


Chief Scientific Officer

DISCLAIMER: NESTRE does not offer medical diagnosis or treatment advice to any person or organization. NESTRE makes no claims that it can cure any conditions. If you take prescription medications for any condition, you should consult with your physician before discontinuing use of such medications. NESTRE services are not intended to treat any medical conditions and are only marketed as enhancing general wellness.