NESTRE stands for NEuro-STREngth

NESTRE Health & Performance is a mental and cognitive strength training and solutions company, that leverages neuroscience and AI/Machine Learning technology to personalize how people get better, feel better, perform better.

NESTRE Health & Performance was founded in Orlando, FL, in 2018 by Dr. Tommy Shavers and later joined by co-founder and Chief Innovative Health & Performance Officer, Julius Thomas. Dr. Shavers created a model of self-recovery and successfully healed himself from decade-long mental and cognitive impairment and decline after suffering career-ending concussions as a collegiate football player.

Once he achieved what doctors deemed impossible, he aimed to create an efficient and scalable model to help others get better in the areas of brain health, mental wellness, and human performance. Dr. Shavers and the team at NESTRE are on a mission to change the narrative around mental health and cognitive performance and build a better world with the human in mind.

This is NESTRE

The word NESTRE (NE-STRE) has several meanings that exemplify who we are and what we do.

NESTRE is Neuroplasticity Strength Training. NESTRE is the first NEuro-STREngth company to leverage
the science of neuroplasticity, which states that the brain can change and is in a constant state of
changing, learning, responding, and adapting. This also means we are able to intentionally strengthen,
maintain, and recover our mental and cognitive capacity for overall better health, wellness, and
performance. At NESTRE, individuals can tap into their own ability to heal, recover, and strengthen
themselves both mentally and cognitively.

NESTRE is New Strength Training. For so long we have focused on training from the neck down when all
along the most important training we need is from the neck up. Mental and cognitive fitness and
strength training increase your ability to access your health, wellness, talent, and performance potential
in real-time and when it matters most.


Dr. Tommy Shavers

    Dr. Tommy Shavers
    Founder & CEO

    President of Shavers Consulting. 10 years of Organizational Leadership & High-Profile Behavior Experience. NFL/NCAA Behavior and Performance Consultant. Former Captain Football Player for the University of Central Florida (UCF) and creator of the NESTRE Model. [More]

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    Julius Thomas

      Julius Thomas
      Co-Founder & Chief Health and Performance Innovation Officer

      NCAA Division 1 basketball athlete with 2 NCAA Tournament appearances. 7 years in the NFL with 2 pro-bowl selections. Speaks for groups and organizations on topics in neuroscience, mental health, wellness, and performance. An advisory board member for the Society for NeuroSports and the Football Player Health Study at Harvard. [More]

      Dr. Elkhonon Goldberg

        Dr. Elkhonon Goldberg 
        Chief Scientific Officer

        World-renown Neuropsychologist, NYU Dept of Neurology Clinical Professor, and Diplomate of the American Board of Professional Psychology. Author of The Executive Brain, Frontal Lobes And The Civilized Mind; and contributor for the book What Makes a Champion. [More]


        NESTRE Calvin Johnson

        Calvin Johnson

        Pro Football Hall of Famer
        NESTRE Florcy Morriset

        Florcy Morriset

        Black VC Institute, Former Dell & Netflix
        NESTRE Mark Hochgesang

        Mark Hochgesang

        Oregon Sports Angels, Former Nike
        NESTRE Minority Entrepreneurship Institute

        Minority Entrepreneurship Institute

        Jaylon Smith and Derrick Brooks
        NESTRE leAD

        leAD Sports

        Global Sports and Health Tech VC Accelerator
        NESTRE Moaz Hamid

        Moaz Hamid

        Black VC Institute, Mvmt Ventures

        Senior Advisors

        Leigh Steinberg

        NFL Sports Agent, Brain Health Legacy Catalyst
        NESTRE Moaz Hamid

        Moaz Hamid

        Black VC Institute, Mvmt Ventures

        Robert Griffin III

        Heisman Trophy Winner, NFL Rookie of the Year, ESPN Analyst

        Malcolm Jenkins

        2x NFL Superbowl Champion, Founder, Broad St. Ventures & Malcolm Inc.

        Ralonda Johnson

        Cheif Investment Officer, Co-Founder Broad St. Ventures
        NESTRE Dr Robert Thatcher

        Dr. Robert Thatcher, Ph.D.

        Applied Neuroscience Inc.

        Jennifer Snow

        former Chief Technology Officer for AFWERX
        NESTRE Toby Redshaw

        Toby E. Redshaw

        Former SVP - Verizon 5G

        Medical Advisory Board

        NESTRE Dr Robert Thatcher

        Dr. Robert Thatcher, Ph.D.

        Applied Neuroscience Inc.

        Dr. Elkhonon Goldberg

        Neuropsychologist, Cognitive Neuroscientist
        Dr Daryl Osbahr, MD

        Dr. Daryl Osbahr, MD

        Orthopedic Sports Medicine
        Dr. D. Harrison Youmans, MD

        Dr. D. Harrison Youmans, MD

        Orthopedic Sports Medicine

        Advisory Board

        NESTRE Melanie Strong

        Melanie Strong

        Next Ventures
        NESTRE Dr Wilfred Ngwa

        Dr. Wilfred Ngwa, Ph.D.

        Johns Hopkins Biomaterial Drones and Radio Immunotherapy Labs, Director of Global Health Catalyst
        NESTRE Tia McNeill

        Tia McNeill

        NFL Former Players and Family Care Advocate, Wife of late Minnesota Vikings Fred McNeill (First NFL Player to be Diagnosed with CTE while Living)
        NESTRE Hue Jackson

        Hue Jackson

        Grambling St Football Head Coach, Former 2x NFL Head Coach
        Chris King

        Chris King

        Athletic Director, Robert Morris University
        Dr Joseph Cooper

        Dr. Joseph Cooper, Ph.D.

        Dr. J. Keith Motley Endowed Chair of Sports Leadership and Administration, University of Massachusetts Boston
        NESTRE John Smith

        John Smith

        US Olympic & Nike Track & Field Coach
        Dr Keely Kaklamanos

        Dr. Keely Kaklamanos, Ph.D.

        Director of Clinical and Sports Psychology, FSU Athletics
        NESTRE Josh McCown

        Josh McCown

        Former NFL Quarterback and ESPN Analyst

        DISCLAIMER: NESTRE does not offer medical diagnosis or treatment advice to any person or organization. NESTRE makes no claims that it can cure any conditions. If you take prescription medications for any condition, you should consult with your physician before discontinuing use of such medications. NESTRE services are not intended to treat any medical conditions and are only marketed as enhancing general wellness.