NESTRE Frames is a neuroscience-based mental & cognitive strength training program built for those who have high demands on their wellness and performance. Our program helps provide high-demand performers with the tools to increase and sustain their mental & cognitive strength, allowing them to perform better and stay well when it matters most.

NESTRE Clients Reported The following improvements


Renewed Sense of Drive and Purpose


Increased Clarity of Thinking


Increased Empathy Towards Others


Increase Positive Emotional Stability

Improved Sleep

Improved Quality of Sleep

Training Programs


Mental Wellness Flexibility Training
  • Mental Flexibility
  • Mindset Shifting
  • Quiet Minds
Mental Wellness Resiliency Training
  • Load Awareness
  • Stress Pre-sponding
  • Active Pursuits
Mental Wellness Strength Training
  • Silencing the Noise
  • Mindset Minutes
  • Confidence
  • Preparation
  • Mental Performance Process
  • Performance Resilience

NESTRE Performance Programs

Mentality & Mindset Training
  • Mentality
  • Mindset
  • Mindset Minutes
Confidence Training
  • Mental
  • Cognitive
  • Performance
Performance Process Training
  • SvR Training
  • LvP Training
  • NESTRE Performance I
  • NESTRE Performance II
  • NESTRE Performance III
NESTRE Mental Framing Performance Training
  • Everyday Performers
  • Executives
  • Professional Athletes

DISCLAIMER: NESTRE does not offer medical diagnosis or treatment advice to any person or organization. NESTRE makes no claims that it can cure any conditions. If you take prescription medications for any condition, you should consult with your physician before discontinuing use of such medications. NESTRE services are not intended to treat any medical conditions and are only marketed as enhancing general wellness.

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